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Learn how to access the information of the quantum fields and the endless possibilities straight from Richard Bartlett, founder of Matrix Energetics® and Melissa Joy.

This powerful consciousness technology is easy to learn and even easier to apply. Enhance your intuitive skills with Field Trip Intensive, achieving a practical and  profound expansion of your ME skills as a whole.

Matrix Energetics® Field Trip Intensive allows you to work on yourself and with others through “distance” mode. Thanks to this course you will learn how to perceive, access, and influence any pattern concerning any existential aspect remotely. Richard and Melissa share and show incredibly powerful and easy-to-use tools with which to observe, analyze, and potentially change any situation, state, or life pattern.

These new skills will be explained, analyzed, extensively put into practice in order for you to develop the ability to perceive, comprehend, and positively influence any problem, situation, or challenge you wish to change.

Discover the benefits you receive with the purchase of "Fundamentals & Field Trip Intensives"


Matrix Energetics® - Fundamentals
& Field Trip Intensives

Online Course

• 13 hours of videos with unlimited vision
• 13 hours of audios with unlimited download

€ 490 ✓
instead of € 990


“Fundamentals & Field Trip Intensives” Manual

• 123 pages



"Fundamentals & Field Trip Intensives” Certificate

instead of € 20

  • <strong>Matrix Energetics<sup>®</sup> “Fundamentals & Field Trip Intensives” | Online course</strong>
    Matrix Energetics® “Fundamentals & Field Trip Intensives” | Online course € 490 ✓
    instead of € 990

    • 13 hours of videos with unlimited vision
    • 13 hours of audios with unlimited download

  • <strong>“Fundamentals & Field Trip Intensives” Manual</strong> | PDF
    “Fundamentals & Field Trip Intensives” Manual | PDF GRATIS ✓

    • 123 pages

  • <strong>“Fundamentals & Field Trip Intensives” Certificate</strong> | PDF
    “Fundamentals & Field Trip Intensives” Certificate | PDF GRATIS ✓
    instead of € 20

Total: € 490
instead of € 990
also in 6 payments of € 89

Fundamentals & Field Trip Intensives

€ 490 instead of € 990 
Save € 500
Even in 6 payments of € 89

This offer is available until September, 28th

Registrations are closed

Try the complete course now in total safety. If you feel it’s not for you, let us know within 30 days and we will refund you in full without the need for any justification.

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The Full Matrix Energetics® Training in 5 courses is finally online!

Discover the fundamentals and advanced teachings of this powerful technology straight from the founder, Richard Bartlett, and with Melissa Joy, the only authorized instructor worldwide.

Discover the special offers valid only until September 28th:

The Full Matrix Energetics® Training in 5 courses >

Or check the individual courses:
Fundamentals & Magic >
Fundamentals & Field Trip Intensives > 
Mastery Intensives & Psycho Emotional Energetics >
Beyond Matrix Energetics >
Best of the Best of Matrix Energetics >

These special offers are only available until September 28th then will disappear and it won’t be possible to purchase Matrix Energetics® online courses anymore.

Discover the benefits included with the exclusive offers

Discover the offers of each course:


Fundamentals & Magic

Even in 6 payments of € 89 each

Includes the Technique’s basic teachings described in detail, and the exclusive Magic teachings.

Registrations are closed


Mastery Intensives & Psycho Emotional Energetics

Even in 6 payments of € 89 each

Includes a summary of the basic teachings and the new Mastery Intensive & Psycho Emotional Energetics’s advanced teachings.

Registrations are closed


Matrix Energetics®

Even in 6 payments of € 89 each

With Beyond Matrix Energetics®’s teachings. An extraordinary journey in the Multiverse with Matrix Energetics®’s advanced technology.

Registrations are closed


Best of the Best of
Matrix Energetics®

Even in 6 payments of € 89 each

Includes the best of Matrix Energetics® and the most recent teachings.

Registrations are closed


Full Training in 5 courses

Even in 9 payments of € 159 each

Registrations are closed

With the offer you will receive 5 exclusive certificates of the
courses personalized with your name

Fundamentals & Field Trip Intensives

€ 490 instead of € 990 
Save € 500
Even in 6 payments of € 89

This offer is available until September, 28th

Registrations are closed

Try the complete course now in total safety. If you feel it’s not for you, let us know within 30 days and we will refund you in full without the need for any justification.

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+39 0541 341 038

Mon-Thu 10:00am-6:00pm
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Read the Answers to our Frequently Asked Questions

In what order should I watch the courses?
We recommend watching “Fundamentals” and Magic first, as it contains the basic teachings of Matrix Energetics® with detailed information.
You should then follow up with “Mastery,” which contains advanced teachings.
Lastly, “Beyond” includes teachings that stretch Matrix Energetics® even further. With the “The Best of the Best” you receive the most recent teaching regarding the method.

If I were to choose only one Matrix course, which one is the most recommended?
We suggest “Mastery Intensives & Psycho Emotional Energetics” because it includes a summary of basic teachings plus the explanation of new Matrix Energetics® advanced teachings.

Can I follow the online course along with someone else?
Of course. You can follow along with friends and relatives, so you can practice the exercises together.

How many people are required to carry out Matrix exercises?
The ideal would be three people: a practitioner, a receiver, and a catcher, that is somebody willing to physically support the receiver when they connect to the field and momentarily lose consciousness to gently guide them, making them feel protected and safe.

Is there any previous preparation required to practice Matrix Energetics®?
It is strongly suggested to watch the “Fundamentals” and Magic courses in order to have a firm grasp of the dynamics at the basis of this powerful technology. With “Mastery” you can dig even deeper, with “Beyond” you can go even further beyond the Matrix and lastly with “The Best of the Best you draw conclusions and ground the teachings.

If I choose to pay in 6 or 9 payments, do I get access to the videos instantly or when the last payments is paid?
Instantly. You will receive the whole course immediately.
This discount is only valid with this special offer, which will only be available until September 28th then all offers will disappear, and so will the possibility of purchasing these teachings.

I attended an in-person Matrix workshop and I would like to buy the correspondent recording, however, I do not remember which one I took part in, can you help me?
Of course. Here’s a list of the years and cities where courses were held:
• MATRIX ENERGETICS® Fundamentals & Magic – Milano Edition
• MATRIX ENERGETICS® Fundamentals & Field Trip Intensives  – Abano Terme Edition
• MATRIX ENERGETICS® Mastery Intensives & Psycho Emotional Energetics – Verona Edition
• MATRIX ENERGETICS® Beyond Matrix Energetics®  – Garda Lake Edition
• MATRIX ENERGETICS® Best of the Best of Matrix Energetics® – Riccione Edition

Can I receive a certificate with my name? If yes, when?
Yes, in a month all participants will be emailed a PDF certificate with their name, which they will be able to print unlimitedly.

Can I provide a different name to be written on the certificate?
The name featured on the certificate will be the one provided during registration.
If you would like your name to be written differently, write us an email with the new name and we will replace it.

Will I also get the course Manual?
Yes, for every course the corresponding Manual is provided in PDF format so that participants can reference it on screen and even print it.

Guarda i video e scopri Matrix Energetics®

How Online Courses Work

#1 Do I need to use a specific kind of computer to view the online courses?
You can view the online courses from any computer of any brand (Mac, Windows). Remember that video quality may vary depending on your connection.

#2 Can I access online courses with my iPad or smartphone?
Yes, of course. You can follow along using any tablet or smartphone.  

#3 How do I sign up for online courses?
Click on the purchase buttons to sign up.

#4 How long do I have to wait to access online courses?
For PayPal or credit card payments, you will instantly receive your online course in your Personal Area. For payments made through bank transfer the course will be activated in your Personal Area pending confirmation of payment.

#5 For how long will the course be available?
The course will be available to you in an unlimited way as long as the platform is online.
If you choose to pay in installments, the course will be instantly available after payment of the first installment. Missing even only one installment will prevent you from accessing the course until the outstanding payments are settled.

#6 How does your money-back guarantee work?
If for any reason you aren’t satisfied with your purchase, you will be able to get a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

#7 Who can I contact for customer care?
If you need technical assistance to view online courses, contact My Life at events@mylife.it or call + 39 0541 341 038 from Monday to Tuesday, from 10.00am to 6.00pm and Friday, from 10.00am to 2.00pm. My Life srl is based in Italy and support is available both in Italian and English.

The authors

Dr. Richard Bartlett, D.C., N.D.

Richard Bartlett holds a doctorate in chiropractic from Parker Chiropractic College and a degree in naturopathic medicine from Bastyr University of Naturopathic Medicine. Dr. Bartlett has been teaching transformational seminars around the world to thousands of participants since 2003. Dr. Bartlett decided to attend chiropractic school after meeting Dr. Jacque Rowe, an inspiring and unique chiropractor. While Dr. Bartlett was attending chiropractic school his second child was born with bronchitis and asthma and battled frequent bouts of pneumonia. Dr. Bartlett decided he would have to find the answer himself and embarked on a path of self-study, eventually learning and practicing more than 30 different healing systems. In the course of his studies, Dr. Bartlett learned TBM as taught by Dr. Victor Frank, a chiropractor. His son responded to this system and was healed.

After graduating from Parker Chiropractic College in 1987, Dr. Bartlett moved to Montana where he maintained a busy practice until 1996. Desiring to expand his practice scope in order to better serve his patient base and the increasingly complex clinical cases he was seeing, Dr. Bartlett decided to attend naturopathic school. His degree in naturopathic medicine was completed in December of 2000. In 1996, Dr. Bartlett’s life took a new and surprising turn. While attending Bastyr University of Naturopathic Medicine and working full time as a chiropractor, he experienced a life changing event which redirected the entire course of his clinical experience. Call it a mystical occurrence, a spiritual vision, outright hallucination, or as Dr. Jim Parker called it; the experience of being ‘naturally right’, suddenly the act of lightly touching a patient with focused intent created dramatic, often startling changes. Bones would re-align themselves, chronic pain patterns would disappear, often with only one brief session; scoliosis curvatures would re-align right before his eyes. As time went on this phenomenon seemed to grow stronger, sometimes each week revealing new and marvelous outcomes.

Chronic conditions began to change even though they were often not even a conscious focus for the treatment. In addition, people began to report that their emotional states, belief patterns, their very lives were mysteriously being transformed. Better yet, these changes appeared to continue over time. His practice, always emotionally satisfying; became a profound, and deeply moving day to day experience.

The biggest surprise was yet to come. Much to his astonishment he was able to teach his practice partner, Dr. Dunn, how to duplicate his results proving that this ability was not just some special gift, but rather a readily teachable system that in a weekend seminar could be learned and the results duplicated by the healing professional and lay person alike. Dr. Bartlett has been teaching transformational seminars around the world to thousands of participants since 1992 and the feedback is even better than he had hoped for. These paradigms utilize the principles and sciences of Subtle Energy and Quantum Physics, coupled with the incredible power of active imagination and focused intent to produce physically verifiable effects that often defy rational explanation.

Miracles happen every day. Matrix Energetics, Master Energy Dynamics, and Holo-Synchronous Energetic Technology Systems provide the technology and scientific framework to allow for their everyday occurrence. Dr. Bartlett is the author of the award-winning Matrix Energetics: The Science and Art of Transformation, The Matrix Energetics Experience, The Physics of Miracles (with Melissa Joy Jonsson), and Into the Matrix (with Melissa Joy Jonsson).


Melissa Joy

Melissa Joy Jonsson, (M-Joy) is best known for her ability to engage people from all over the world to embrace their True Authentic Power by playing in the field of the heart.

Melissa has been teaching popular life-transformational Matrix Energetics seminars around the globe since 2008.

Melissa Joy Jonsson is the founder of M-Joy, a unifying “we” movement that provides a new language to experience self-love as integrity.

As an intuitive coach and holistic practitioner, Melissa has a diverse client base in more than 25 countries.

Melissa is the author of the new release “The Art of Limitless Living” (April 2018) and the bestselling books “Little Book of Big Potentials: 24 Fields of Flow, Fulfillment, Abundance, and Joy in Everyday Life” (July 2015) and “M-Joy Practically Speaking; Matrix Energetics and Living Your Infinite Potential” (March 2014). She is also the author of “Practical Play the Heart-Centered Way: A Complementary Play Guide to Little Book of Big Potentials” (January 2016). She co-authored “Into the Matrix: Guides, Grace, and The Field of the Heart” (2013) and “The Physics of Miracles: Tapping in to the Field of Consciousness Potential” with Dr. Richard Bartlett (2010).  

Prior to creating a career she loves, Melissa spent more than a decade as an executive in the pharmaceutical industry, focused on developing new markets for blockbuster drugs. Melissa has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of California at Santa Barbara.


This online course contains the teachings and ideas of the author related to the topic addressed in the course. With the course neither the authors nor the publisher intend to dispense medical advice as a form of treatment of physical problems. The intent of the authors and the publisher is to offer general information to support you in the search for physical, emotional and spiritual well-being; in no way should the online course be intended as a substitute for diagnosis and medical treatments. In case of potential and / or ascertained physical ailments, please consult your doctor before using the information contained in the course. The authors and the editor decline any responsibility deriving from the application you intend to make of the material proposed in the course for yourself or third parties. The online course will be active and usable in your Personal Area in an unlimited way as long as the platform is online.

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